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Can’t believe this is still on the net!

Just thought I’d check in and see if this was still on the web!

A more recent photo of us all!


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Fun in the Sun!

The weather is starting to get better so we are able to go out into the garden again. This morning Luke and Charlotte spent the whole morning outside playing in the sand and the water!

Charlotte plays football

and on the tricycle

Luke makes sandcastles

lets hope the good weather lasts

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Luke and Charlotte become Irish!

After six months of waiting, Luke and Charlotte got their Irish passports (yes we are too cheap to apply for British ones!). Here are Ireland’s latest citizens with their passports

But even with Irish citizenship in hand Charlotte shows she is still Canadian! she sits down to watch the NHL playoffs

Then she shows her allegiance to Canada

Its thirsty work!

but lots of fun

Then its time for the bath!

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A First and a Third Birthday Party!

AS facebook has really taken over as the means to see pictures of the children, this blog has become more and more redundant. For those who aren’t facebook members (where there are about 150 photos of yesterdays party!) here is a flavour of what went on!

Luke is anxious for the party to start so he can open his presents!

Charlotte starts everyone off with the food!

A view of some of the mountains of food

Luke gets to open those presents!

PJs from Uncle Simon and Auntie Ruth

More presents

Charlotte gets to help!

whats in the bag?

Charley gets some bath toys

and new hair bows from Chic Mama! (a blog you need to check out if you want to make bows and the like)

Luke is pleased with his presents!

Charlotte checks out her new luggage!

present opening continues

The piano from Great-Grandma is a hit

Charlotte’s cake

Luke eating his cake

Mum and Charley

Luke playing with his car wash

a great day! thanks everyone for your presents!


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Luke’s first sporting event!

Today we went to see the Guelph Storm v Kingston. For those who are not familiar with the world of Ice Hockey, the Guelph Storm are the local junior team.

Here is Luke at the rink ready for the action

Luke and Daddy waiting for the second period to start

Luke enjoyed the popcorn

It didn’t matter what happened Luke’s expression stayed the same. This picture was taken just after a Guelph goal!

And the Storm won!

So a good first sporting event to be at!

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Presenting…….Charlotte Emma Grace Cairns

After much deliberation we decidedĀ on a name! it only took about 8 hours! We had 6 names this morning, which was narrowed down to 3 by the time we got from the operating theatre to the room. We spent most of the day flip-flopping from name to name! We just couldn’t make up our minds.

At 11:30 I took Luke home for his lunch and a nap. When I came back to the hospital, both myself and Jen had discarded one of the 3 names. So it was a choice of two! Charlotte or Emma. We couldn’t decide! So we just thought, why not give her both! but which one would be the first name?

We had a great nurse, called Tanya, so we asked her and she said she preferred Charlotte, that is the way Jen had been leaning so Charlotte its is!

She is feeding well and has only dropped 2 ounce over the course of the day. Well enough of rambling I know you want to see the pictures. So here are a few snaps. More will follow!

Mummy gets to hold her first

Big brother Luke checks out his little sister for the first time

Charlotte has slept all day

Now she opens her eyes

The whole family!

brother and sister!

more tomorrow I’m sure!

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It’s a Girl!!!!

This morning at 8.36 eastern time, Jen gave birth to a little girl! we don’t have a name yet! nor do we have photos to post (we have loads its just I left the camera at the hospital!).

Mum and baby doing well! will post some snaps later today……stand by!

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