Charlotte’s First Supper!

Sun 8 Aug, 2010 at 5:16 pm Leave a comment

So while common wisdom says to wait until your baby is 6 months old, Charlotte is ticking all the other boxes – holding head up (for months), shows interest in food (she’s been trying to grab everything off my plate for weeks now), and able to sit up unassisted (or with a bit of help) (able to do this too). That coupled with weeks of waking overnight and being starving (gobbling 6 oz in 5 minutes flat) or waking everyone up at 5 am (not to return to sleep – leading to a very tired/grumpy big brother and exhausted parents) made us realize the time had come.

She LOVED it!! Luke ate one spoonful eagerly, and from then on it was a battle to get him to eat.

Charlotte gobbled up both prepared teaspoons!

Here’s some pictures.

First Charlotte got buckled in:

She’s so itty bitty!

She was so excited!


Luke wanted to help too (do you like his new haircut?)

And here’s a video:


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