Trip to the U.K. – last post!

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While we were in Belfast, we went to the zoo. Luke really enjoyed it – and so did we, aside from the short downpour we had!

Here’s Luke and Tim looking at a cow:


And here’s Luke getting a close up of a tortoise in the rain forest exhibit:


Here’s a bird that got out (from under the fence):


The other boy in the exhibit, who was about 3, was terrified of the bird, but Luke was fascinated:


The next day we went to Junction One for some more shopping. I missed Luke’s original reaction to the Thomas the Tank Engine ride – apparently he screamed at the top of his lungs! Here he is:


And here is is pushing the buttons to make the music go:


Luke is one boy who LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine! When the theme music comes on he gets so excited and starts clapping and dancing! And lately he’s taken to sleeping holding on to one of his “ch-ch” shirts like a stuffed animal!

Another new word Luke learned while he was away was “i-o-lee” (=ice lolly = popsicle). And Grandad was the soft touch who always let him have one šŸ™‚


Derek and Katie Brown came over to Belfast. We had a great time! We did a tour around Belfast and went to see Harry Potter!! We also took Luke to the park down by the sea. Personally, I was shocked to see kids running around in t-shirts and shorts (it wasn’t that warm! and it was very windy!). Here are a few photos of Derek and Katie’s trip:



Here’s Tim and Derek at the Glentoran football grounds:








Luke was chasing after two guys playing football in the park wondering why they wouldn’t play with him šŸ˜¦ Poor boy was so sad šŸ˜¦


Our flight home was long but surprisingly uneventful. Luke was such a star. The trip home included a drive of just under 2 hours to Dublin, a 2 hour wait at the airport (we like to get there early), 30 minutes to Shannon, another hour waiting at the airport, a 7 hour flight home, followed by an hour and a half drive back home. And other than a few minutes on the descent and the last 10 minutes of the final drive, Luke was a happy little guy.

Here’s one final picture of Luke the morning after we arrived back that I thought was too cute to share. Please know he was wearing a shirt, but decided he didn’t want to wear one anymore, but did want to wear the hat!



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