Trip to the U.K. pt. 2

Fri 24 Jul, 2009 at 9:22 pm 1 comment

So on Wednesday afternoon we flew to England to visit some friends.

First stop, Eastbourne (well technically, first stop land @ Heathrow, then pick up the car, then drive to Eastbourne and narrowly avoid getting run off the road by a complete and total lunatic driver from Germany in a huge caravan/bus – not sure which to be honest – I was fuming at the fact that the moron almost caused a serious collision … but I digress). It was great to see Emma and Glenn!

Luke was thrilled to find lots of ‘tones at the beach to play with:


It was a gorgeous view:



But Luke wasn’t interested … back to the ‘tones:


After spending some time at the beach, we drove into London.

On the way into the city, we stopped at a McDonald’s. Aside from his general miserableness, Luke preference for milk over french fries and chicken mcnuggets alerted us to the fact that something was wrong:


Before our friends were home from London, we went into the city to take some pictures of Luke at a couple of notable landmarks. Here’s Luke and I in Trafalgar Square (in front of living art)


And Luke and Tim in front of Buckingham Palace:


And here’s Luke being pushed round the garden by Cordelia:


Poor little guy was sick the whole time we were in London. 😦 But eventually he got healthier (when we got back to Belfast). After being sick, he’s discovered a real appetite for bananas (“bo-bos”) – he absolutely LOVES them!!

Tomorrow we”ve got pictures from the 12th of July parades!


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  • 1. Nanny  |  Sat 25 Jul, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Great photos. Keep them coming!


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