New Night-wear

Thu 23 Oct, 2008 at 9:48 pm 10 comments

I (Tim) was sent out at the weekend with the task of buying Luke some new “warmer” night time clothing. Well Jen laughed at what I brought back – I thought it was fairly cool/cute – so let the public decide – cool or cute or stupid or all three

Here is number 1 (and probably the most sensible) – its a bear suit


Here is number 2 – its monkey PJs

So number three kind of starts the verging on Halloween wear – but no matter! – its a dog suit

Even Luke knows he looks cool!

So here is the last one – I call this one the chicken look

How cool do I look dad?

answer – very cool!


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So cute! Big Day Today!

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  • 1. julian Houston  |  Thu 23 Oct, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    he looks very slidy in the duck suit you could try bowling with him and the monkey one looks dumb especially with the hat the yellow is cutest/coolest

  • 2. Andrea  |  Thu 23 Oct, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    Oh, I like the monkey one. 🙂

  • 3. claire  |  Fri 24 Oct, 2008 at 5:37 am

    I like the dog suit!! perfect for those halloween nights…

  • 4. timothycairns  |  Fri 24 Oct, 2008 at 8:50 am

    We have a dinosaur suit for halloween – watch this space!

  • 5. Sylvia Cairns  |  Fri 24 Oct, 2008 at 10:14 am

    The suits are all very “cool”! He looks so cute!

  • 6. Shannon  |  Fri 24 Oct, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Very cool, indeed! What a cutie (I’m talking about Luke…sorry Tim). I like the suits and my favorite part is you bought multiples and went with what works. 🙂

  • 7. jean houston  |  Sun 26 Oct, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    I like the boy IN the suits!!! I think you did a great shop Tim – good work, and I am happy to know that he will be warm as well as adorable! Grandma Houston

  • 8. Mojo  |  Tue 28 Oct, 2008 at 8:50 am

    okay, okay you need help!!! I recommend having more children for starters!! you are OBSESSED I know its non-pc and very non- north american- but honestly.

    Ps. I like the duck one most!!

  • 9. timothycairns  |  Tue 28 Oct, 2008 at 9:26 am

    ITS A CHICKEN!!!!!!!!

    You need to get yourself over here and get into the North American groove!

  • 10. Tanya  |  Sun 2 Nov, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    JEN!!! Listen to TIM — too cute!!!


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