Hybrids are the biggest source of pollution mile for mile!

Wed 16 Jul, 2008 at 12:01 pm Leave a comment

The Prius hybrid does more environmental damage than a Range Rover! Moreover a BMW is more economical on gas than the environmentally friendly Prius!

You see to make the Prius affordable, Toyota have to source the parts from the cheapest places in the world and send them to Japan, then from Japan ship the car back all over the world. This means that its carbon footprint, before it actually gets on the road, is huge. Range Rovers, Volkswagen’s, BMW’s, Mercedes and Ferrari’s are all built and parts sourced closer to the factory, so the carbon footprint in construction is much smaller.

But more than this the fuel economy of a Prius is not as good as the much bigger and much less environmentally friendly M3. This is because the BMW’s engine is better – so its more environmentally friendly as it is more efficient

Don’t believe me – well watch the BBC’s Top Gear!

and here

I’m off to rev up the 3.9L Uplander and save the planet!


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