When will people ever learn?

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Don’t read on if you’re prone to getting really emotional, have a dislike for stupidity and anything that in any way harms a child.

I belong to a message board and read about this absolute tragedy.

A three-month-old child is dead after being left unattended in a vehicle parked at Dodge’s Store and the Yes Deer Lounge in Clarksville yesterday, July 8.  as police responding to a report of an “unresponsive” child found the infant, Faith Nichols, dead.

At approximately 4:52 pm, officers responded to a call from Dodge’s Chicken Store at 1504 Fort Campbell Boulevard in reference to an “unresponsive” child.They determined that the infant Faith Nichols, three months of age, was left unattended in a vehicle that had been parked on the lot, while the child’s mother, Courtni Lee Nichols, 24, of  3060 Harris Circle, Palmyra, went next door to the Yes Deer Lounge at 1506 Fort Campbell Boulevard.

The child was transported to Gateway Hospital by Montgomery County EMS and was subsequently pronounced dead. Courtni Nichols has been taken into custody and is being charged with first degree murder, according to a statement by Sergeant Cheryl Anderson of the Clarksville Police Department. Detective Tim Anderson is the lead investigator.

Now I try to think when I hear something like this – what lead this woman to leave her baby in her car, in this heat while she went to a bar? Is there any excuse? I can’t think of one. No matter where I go with Luke, I would never ever ever ever leave him in our car. When I’m grocery shopping and have to return a cart after unloading the groceries, he stays with me in the buggy and then I carry him back to the car. I would never ever leave him – not even for a second.

I’m sure Courtni Lee Nichols feels terrible. I have no doubt about that. I commend the police on charging her with murder. Too often people leave babies in their cars.

Babies are little. They cannot handle being left in cars – hot, cold, or even just on their own. There are helpless and utterly dependent on their parents for everything. There are tragic stories about babies and young children being left in cars and forgotten and their parents were busy and “genuinely forgot”. But this woman seems to have intentionally left her while she went to a bar.

When Luke starts to cry it strikes me that I cannot fathom how a person could actually intentionally harm a child. When he had his vaccinations (a good and healthy event), he screeched, and at this stage (being older than a newborn) – a baby looks pleadingly into whoever’s eyes are closest with a look that says – “why am I being hurt?”. It broke my heart. A baby who is being harmed would do the same thing.

I hope this story becomes huge news – this needs to stop.


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