Wed 9 Jul, 2008 at 9:27 pm Leave a comment is my default homepage in my email software (Thunderbird) – and I just saw the following article

TEMPE, Ariz —  US Airways says it will start removing in-flight entertainment systems on domestic flights in November to save about $10 million annually in fuel and other costs.

Spokesman Phil Gee says the movie systems weigh about 500 pounds each, forcing planes to expend more fuel to get around the country.

Jet fuel costs have skyrocketed in recent years, slashing profits and leading to thousands of layoffs and flight cuts throughout the industry.

Gee says US Airways will cut the movie systems from about 200 aircraft. But it will keep movies in its widebody aircraft for international flights and trips to Hawaii.

US Airways says it will test a lighter, seat-back TV system later this year. However, Gee says a new entertainment system is a long way off.

I think it’s a ridiculous idea. Even if they do save $10M in fuel and “other costs” I’m sure the installation of individual screens will cost at least that to replace!! I’m sure US AIrways will just suck up that increased cost won’t they!?! They say it costs $10M for a 500lb machine …

Let’s say the average plane flies with 200 passengers, each weighing 150 lbs. Follow my logic here for a minute … 200 x 150 = 30000 lbs (excluding luggage). The reality is that a 500lb machine (1.7% of the weight of the passengers) is not the reason they’re losing the in flight entertainment. It’s that they’re just being cheap.


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I wish this was a real movie! Back to blogging the news?

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