Luke’s new toy

Mon 24 Mar, 2008 at 5:02 pm Leave a comment

Before showing Luke “in action” with his new toy, I thought I’d post a picture of when we tried to weigh Luke on the kitchen scale. Since it goes up to 21 lbs we thought it’d be okay, but since he’s floppy, it doesn’t really work, but I thought the pictures were cute just the same!

1732.jpg 1734.jpg

Now on to Luke and his new toy. For those who don’t know, babies are supposed to do “tummy time” to help strengthen their neck muscles so they can lift their heads up. Luke’s been holding his up and looking around from early on (when you’re holding him, or if he’s lying on your chest), but he refuses to do so when on his tummy. Tim saw this tummy time mat at Walmart, and it’s great, but I think we have some work to do:

1752.jpg 1756.jpg

He’s also smiling, but unfortunately stops smiling when the camera comes out. Just the same, here’s the best two pictures we’ve got of his smiles so far.

1792.jpg 1806.jpg


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stuff white people like Luke hits the bottle!

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