Republican V-P Nomination

Thu 7 Feb, 2008 at 8:23 pm Leave a comment

Now Romeny is out of the primary election race, all that remains to be decided is who is the McCain V-P nominee. I was thinking about that today. Two days ago I would have bet the mortgage on it being McCain/Huckabee. I got to thinking this afternoon, given the tone of Romney’s speech to CPAC, I have a sneaking suspicion that Romney and McCain have done a deal. In this ever changing political race I now think its McCain /Romney for the Republicans. Who knows! this race has confounded me.

Two years ago I said the election would be McCain/Rice v Clinton/Obama. Ok so Condoleezza`s star has fallen. But McCain has made it (against all odds and I can claim no real insight here as I said he was finished in September!). Its been a torturous (no McCain play on words intended) route but I think it will be McCain and Romney for the Republicans. The Democratic ticket is more in flux. In a way that just speaks to this primary campaign. Last week the Republicans looked divided – now they seem to be pulling together and the Democrats are all at sea. It is a fascinating race with many a twist to come.


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Still the 17th (phew!!) It never rains……..

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