Snow Storm!

Fri 1 Feb, 2008 at 11:56 am Leave a comment

So today is the day of my driving test and there has been a snow storm. The recommendation is to cancel your test – but I am going ahead. This is the test that a 16 year old does to get on the road – how tough can it be? That said I will probably fail – its 10 days to take it again!

 On a different note – every time there is snow in Northern Ireland, the Stephen Nolan show is jammed with callers saying something along the lines of “we can’t cope with the snow in Northern Ireland, the road service are a disgrace, in Canada they just clear it off the road and life goes on” I can tell you that’s lies, its just as bad here as it is in Northern Ireland – the whole country shuts down. I will blog a bit more about my experience first thing this morning with the test centre which just proves that all government workers, be they Canadian or Northern Irish, are afflicted with laziness! Government largess (in everything, they are abundant, including laziness).


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Driving Test…….14 years later (EDIT ITS ACTUALLY 17 YEARS!! SINCE MY TEST!) Passed…….in the snow!

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