Doctor’s visit today!

Thu 24 Jan, 2008 at 9:39 pm Leave a comment

Sorry for the lack of a picture (will post one tomorrow). But I had a doctor’s appointment today – and now will have one every week until he arrives! (which isn’t long).

His heartbeat is ticking away well. The doctor and nurse are still mystified by where exactly he’s hiding himself (I was still measuring small today). The doctor wonders if the baby’s pushed up under my ribs, which could well be the case.  Somehow I’ve managed to lose weight (down 2 lbs to my pre-Christmas weigh) – which is bizarre given I do nothing but eat!

I’ll post a picture tomorrow of my ever-growing belly (I do look legitimately pregnant now – but can still wear my favourite pair of pre-pregnancy cords!!)

I’m looking forward to the little guy getting here – I think he’ll be more fun once we can see him – though I know that with the baby will comes diaper-changing and crying. It is amazing how we forget that part when waiting with anticipation!!


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Ready for the Baby (almost!) Chuckie Egg

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