So what are we up to?

Thu 8 Nov, 2007 at 1:42 pm Leave a comment

The simple answer is not much that is very exciting. It almost feels like we are treading water at the moment! It is hard to believe that Jen will be out of here in 4 weeks and I will be gone a few days later. So we are:

1. Starting to think about packing. We have accumulated some boxes and are thinking about filling them. Really all we have done is “discuss” strategy for filling the boxes. Now you may say “Its just filling boxes with stuff so just fill them.” On one level that is true. But there is a real strategy. I think that no sooner will the box be filled than I will need whatever it is that we have put in the box, thus, box filling strategy is key!

2. We are trying to decide if there is anything we shouldn’t bring. The answer right now seems to be pack it all and bring the lot. Really we don’t have that much so just ship it.

3. I am trying to finish up classes. By Monday at 12pm I will have finished all the requirements for one class (advanced preaching, so by 12.05 Monday I will be an advanced preacher, whatever that means). So one down 2 to go. My aim is to have all the Regent stuff done by the end of 2nd reading break (well apart from an exam in counselling class). So at 12.05 on Monday I will start a paper for counselling (I think empathy is the subject – sounds like fun). Then the week after I will finish the ethics class. So fun fun fun!

4. We go to the Wolf and Hound on a Thursday night and get our ears blown off by the music! The baby likes it as he gets fairly active.

5. For the last few weeks Jen has been employed selling Spice Girls tickets! Yes the Spice Girls are coming to Vancouver and we bought some tickets, sold the excess for a tidy profit and will get to the concert for free! Looking forward to it! We really will zig a zig ahh!

6. I am listening to the Nolan show all the time “The biggest Show in the Country!”. If you want a great laugh download the Nolan podcast. This can be done here. It is a talk show from Northern Ireland that really is very funny. People phone in and he abuses them. I recommend it!

7. Apart from all of that we are watching the new series of House, Heros, Prison Break and Desperate Housewives. We have started watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (last nights was the best yet!), Journeyman and Dirty Sexy Money (its coming to channel 4 in the new year – I recommend it!).

So as you can see life is not exciting but is floating along until the big move! (and baby birth as well I guess).


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