Car Repair Canadian Style….

Thu 18 Oct, 2007 at 1:48 pm 3 comments

I have nothing but negative things to say about car repair in Vancouver. Last February we left our car into a garage to be checked over and repaired. The car repair took almost 5 days! all they did was change the oil, fix the fan-belt and change the glow-plugs! They charged a fortune for the privilege of working on our car. I was unimpressed. 

Anyway……..We had our car broken into overnight. Now nothing was taken (even the thief didn’t want the junk in our car!) and they were obviously only smashing windows and seeing what they could grab. We have an ipod digital/analogue converter in the car and I think they wanted to see if we had an ipod in the car to steal.

Back to repair. I left the car in to “Speedy Glass” (you know the song speedy glass repairs blah blah blah). All I can say is there is nothing speedy about speedy glass. The car was left in about 1pm yesterday. Now I have had windows smashed before in the UK, you turn up at the glass place who have a deal with your insurance company (now don’t get me started on ICBC insurance that is another rant for another day especially over this saga – for now we will stay on car repair!) and they repair the window while you wait. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Not in Vancouver – oh no no no!. In “Speedy” glass they take over 24 hours to replace the glass! It is 1.41pm as I write and still no sign of the car coming back. In the end we opted to do it without insurance coverage and pay so that we could get the car back quickly! I wonder how long it would take if we had opted for insurance!

Candian car repair (or at least Vancouver car repair) is really bad! Can anyone recommend a goo car repair garage that is fast, good and cheap??

We needed a new starter and left it in with a guy from our church. He did an outstanding job. If you need fast, reliable and great car service let me know – I recommend this guy!


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The Dream is Over (well almost) Unbelievable!

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  • 1. jeffreimer  |  Fri 19 Oct, 2007 at 10:34 am

    Tim, if you don’t mind making a bit of a drive, I recommend Werner’s Kar Klinik in Tsawassen. He’s honest and does good work (and won’t do work that’s not necessary and then charge you for it!). As an honest and good mechanic (which is rare), he’s extremely busy, so he’s not always the fastest, but he’ll be straight with you about how long it’s going to take–and you get a loaner car for free. We were always extremely happy with his work. We might still have his ph. # sitting around somewhere if you’re interested.

  • 2. mac  |  Fri 19 Oct, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    I would recommend province that does not have a socialized insurance program. Why should service be good when there is no real incentive to serve the customer? Seems like the single payer car insurance system of BC is similar to the single payer health insurance system in terms of wait times.

  • 3. Shelley  |  Sun 21 Oct, 2007 at 9:40 am

    Ted Dash Car Clinic – he’s in South Vancouver somewhere, we could find the addy for ya too. He’s much like the description Jeff gives for that other place.

    Glad to see the clarification of “Vancouver” in your rant against “Canadian” car service! 😉 That’s my flag to wave!


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