What a day………

Mon 10 Sep, 2007 at 3:14 pm Leave a comment

Today was the start of the new term. I had my first class at 8am, I was supposed to be presenting at 11am. It was due to be a busy day. Whilst Darrell Johnson was lecturing the college receptionist and our friend, Shelley Simpson (check out her blog on the links!) came in and requested to speak to me. Well I had a fair idea it wasn’t good, Jen was at the doctors.

I went out and called Jen and discovered that the doctor had been unable to find a heartbeat for the baby. We had an emergency scan booked at St Paul’s hospital in Vancouver. I immediately ran out to get the bus. I need to say a huge thanks to the fantastic Paul Lam, who followed me out of class and gave me a lift to the hospital.

When I arrived, we had to wait for about 30-40 minutes. It seemed like longer, Jen was drinking water, and I was sitting wondering what was happening. Anyway, we went into the room for the scan/ultra sound thing. Immediately the doctor put the scanner equipment, pen thing, on Jen’s tummy and we heard the words we had been longing for – the baby was ok!

It seems that Jen’s bowels may have been backed up! and this caused static. So not for the first time in her life it could be said that: Jen was full of……..well you know! (she will kill me for writing that but in the relief I might just get away with it!)

We do not have any scan photos as in the panic we forgot to ask! (sorry!)

Phew! The doctor then proceeded to do the full scan (it had been scheduled for tomorrow) and we had a little surprise (no not twins!) but we are a week less on than we thought – so its 17 weeks not 18 weeks – so our due date is 17th-20th February or so. That means a 29th February birth is now a possibility! The good news on the scan photos is this – because we are a week earlier, we may need a scan around 22 weeks as well – so we will get the photos then!

So everything is ok! Phew – what a day!


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Ole Gunnar Solskjær What a day … from Jen’s perspective …

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