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Thu 16 Aug, 2007 at 12:03 pm 3 comments

So our blog had 227 hits yesterday and 222 hits the day before and so far today we have had 62 hits (and its only midday!) I am fairly impressed! The most hit link (so far) is – why? Why did 12 people want to see the exploits of our very good friend who has an uncanny resemblance to a certain movie star (in fact the movie star has been in more movies than any other male actor – ever! Google that if you want to know who it is!).

Over the past two days a question has arisen – To blog or not to blog – that is the transatlantic question. People from Ulster have been rather scornful of the blog , they see it as an American thing (yip people in Northern Ireland think Canada is part of America, although those of us who live here know this is not true, Canada politically is a country on its own. Although militarily they may as well be one as Canada relies on the American military, I digress!) 

 some of the comments from the Brits (hope you like that Mary-Jo):

“Congratulations – but the blog?” Mary-Jo

Yes a blog……….

“A Blog – Yuk” Raymond

Yuk indeed Raymond! Maybe Yuk should be reserved for exploits after Northern Ireland matches in the Wellie Park!! Ho hum!

“Congratulations on the news, delivered in a very North American way” Naomi

I was wondering about this, is a blog North American or as we are 30 something Ulsterites are we just too old for all this technology? I even have a facebook page so how hip am I? I am right at the cutting edge of youth culture me. Get down!

“As for the blog ……its not Ulster Decides” Clive

You are right Clive – nothing will ever match Ulster Decides – whose demise Northern Ireland politics mourns, but the Newsletter is somewhat thankful – Clive I see we have been usurped by Sammy J Morse, whoever he is.So all in all a successful first few days – eat yuk Raymond!


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  • 1. Frank J Goddard  |  Fri 17 Aug, 2007 at 4:09 am

    But we’re all American when we’re abroad!

  • 2. timothycairns  |  Fri 17 Aug, 2007 at 10:07 am

    Thanks Frank – now get back to the day job of messing up Northern Ireland!!

  • 3. Mike  |  Fri 7 Sep, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    Boy, I’m impressed — I’ve had a website up for months and hardly get anything. Write lots of stuff. Try it:


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